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ITM Master 1. Sem.
10117 Seminar
Fallstudie I

Mon 11:45-13:15 S19


Assignment paper

Hand-in before July 10th 2019

Paper app. 12 pages






Introduction Prof. Arlt:

  Tourism Scientist.
  Born in West-Berlin 1957, married to Swiss novelist, no kids
  Living in Hamburg
  Studies in Berlin, Taiwan, Hong Kong
  M.A. Sinology, PhD Political Sciences FU Berlin

  Former owner of specialized tour operator companies
  (Outbound/Inbound East Asia <-> Europe)
  Consultant for European companies (Transport, Logistics) in China
  Organizer of fairs and exhibitions in East Asia and in Europe
  Publisher, bookseller, journalist

  1997-2001 lecturer (Intercultural Management, Tourism) in Europe and East Asia
  2002-2007 professor for Leisure and Tourism Management (FH Stralsund)
  Since 2008 professor for International Tourism Management (FH Westküste)

  Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (London) FRGS
Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society (London) FRAS

  Research Fellow of Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (Tokyo)
  Research Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Study and Training of Leisure of
  Zhejiang University (Hangzhou/China)

   Board member and member HRD committee PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association(Bangkok) 
   Vice President Western Europe ITSA International Tourism Studies Association (Beijing/Greenwich)
   Fellow of International Association of China Tourism Studies (Guangzhou)
   Member of UNWTO Expert Panel (Madrid)
   Member of Expert Committee World Tourism Cities Federation (Beijing)
   Member of Friends of Europe Think Tank (Brussels)

  Director of China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) 

  Adjunct professor at Yanbian University of Science and Technology (Yanji/China)
  Visiting professor at Ningbo University (Ningbo/China)
  Visiting professor at University of Sunderland (Sunderland/UK)
  Visiting professor at Leeds Beckett University (Leeds/UK)
  Adjunct professor at Tai Poutini University (Greymouth/NZ)

   Visiting Researcher University of Brighton (UK)
  Visiting Researcher Curtin University (Perth/Australia)






Introduction Participants


- Experiences in Tourism

- Planned Branch / Job / PhD after MA

- Dream job




Where have we been already?





TOPIC: How to

a) make Schleswig-Holstein more attractive for younger visitors by using the Craft Beer movement and

b) help start-up Craft Breweries in Schleswig-Holstein to develop by selling their products (beer, guided tours, brewing seminars) to tourists



  • Schleswig-Holstein is a destination visited by more than eight million guests in 2018, but mostly by elderly German guests. Average age of visitors is above 52 years (Hamburg: 44 years, German population average age: 42 years).

  • Craft Beer has become a major trend among younger and middle-aged around the world and a reason to travel to the places were it is produced.

  • In Schleswig-Holstein there are more than ten Craft Beer Breweries, many of them running pubs or offering guided tours and brewing seminars.





- Understand situation and challenges of tourism to Schleswig-Holstein: Travel within S-H, domestic and international inbound travel

- Understand Craft Beer development globally and in S-H

- Talk with Craft Beer companies in S-H about their perceived/real relation to tourism now and plans for the future

- Talk with tourism authorities in S-H about their point of view about including Craft Beer into tourism marketing / creating a Craft Beer S-H route / umbrella brand etc.

- Create recommendations for Craft Beer breweries in S-H (or in Northern Germany) to support their development through tourism






Organisation of work to be discussed with participants, decided in next session.

Interviews with major Craft Beer companies in S-H with direct customer contact and with TASH to be conducted.





Example Neumünster:

Example Kiel:

 Beer Sommelier:

Craft Beer Channel:


Example: Craft Beer as Tourist Attraction:


Überblick S-H:


"Gastronomie im Reiseziel" 87% No. 1 activity, "Einkaufen (Lebensmittel etc.)" 84% No. 2 activity named by S-H visitors in TASH Gästebefragung.


8.4. Introduction  
15.4. Introduction Tourism in S-H
Kiel 3.5. Info
16.4. 15.45-17.15 h S 16 Organisation Project
Preparation Kiel Craft Beer Festival visit and TASH visit
29.4. Finishing Preparation (questionnaires) Kiel  
3.5. Friday Kiel Craft Beer Festival / TASH visit  
27.5. Presentation and Discussion results of group work including Kiel interviews  
3.6. Examples of connecting Craft Beer and Tourism in other destinations  
4.6. 15.45-19.00 h S 16 Presentation Group results, Conclusion, Preparation Assignment Paper  
17.6. (Visit to Kiel May 3rd instead)  
24.6. (visit Kiel May 3rd instead)  











  Contact: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS FRAS
Bachelor and Master Program International Tourism Management, Tel. 0481 8555-513